Lifehacks, Paternalism, and the Share Econ: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Love Gov Ep.1 (5:30) . . . Meet Scott Govinsky, or “Gov”. In this hilarious series by the Independent Institute, the federal government is portrayed as an overbearing boyfriend who only wants to make the world a better place and protect Alexis from…well…herself.

Afraid to Share? (3:00) . . . The government thinks you should be and wants to regulate companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Feastly. But the beauty of the sharing economy is that it regulates itself. And maybe that’s what government should be afraid of.

Inside the Mind of a Paternalist . . . David Gordon of Mises takes apart the thinking of bureaucrat and liberal policy wank Cass Sunstein, and knocks down any idea of a “libertarian paternalist.”

Intellectuals Hate You (15:00) . . . if you’re a capitalist. John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market, discusses with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV the long history of intellectual contempt for commerce.

Top 10 MacGyvers . . . Lifehacker brings us ten easy hacks you can start using right now. Life-changing.

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