Operation Choke Point and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Myths About the Crash . . . In January of 1988 Murray Rothbard addressed the swirl of misinformation that followed Black Monday of October ’87. He was a voice of reason then, and (on this subject anyway) he is still one now.

Operation Choke-Point (9:00) . . . The most powerful, autonomous, above-the-law, and abusive Federal agency you’ve never heard of.

Gov’t Hates Your Cash . . . Mises contributor Joseph Salerno explores government’s war on cash, its history and the future goal of a “supervised spending” world.

Lov Gov Ep.2 (4:30) . . . Alexis is starting her new business and Gov wants to “help.” His intentions are good, and it’s not like there’s ever been a road paved with good intentions that led to somewhere bad.

The Drowning Child Experiment (3:30) . . . Matt Zwolinski, Assoc. Prof. of philosophy at U of San Diego, discusses the moral dilemma of opportunity cost when the opportunity belongs to someone else.  And while he leaves God (the source of all morality) out of the discussion, his points are still provocative.


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