The Rise of Victimhood and Other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Love Gov ep.5 (6:00) . . . Alexis wants to buy a house, and the ever-faithful, ever-paternalistic Gov is there to remind her that finances are no obstacle to getting the house she deserves.

Gov’t & Marriage . . . makes a really bad marriage. Andrew Syrios of Mises decries the state of the institution of marriage and points a very direct finger at the culprit.

Aspiring to Victimhood . . . Sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning explain the societal evolution from honor to dignity to victimhood. It’s fascinating, it’s scary, and it explains a lot.

Too Good To Be True . . . Ronald-Peter Stoferle describes “The Unseen [and many] Consequences of Zero-Interest-Rate Policy.”

Universal Basic Income (3:30). . . It’s not an ideal solution to welfare reform, but considering the monstrosity it might be able to replace, it has some appeal.




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