Keep Calm…and read your FREE-MARKET GEMS

Don’t Panic! (3:30) . . . Mark Matson on keeping calm, ignoring emotions, and not jumping out of the airplane.

Progressivism’s Tarnished Age . . . Progressives love to tout the heyday of the first two decades of the twentieth century. But when we look closer, we see that its most celebrated policies hurt the very ones they were meant to help.

Economic Freedom Report Card . . . Co-published by the Cato and Fraser institutes as well as 70 think tanks around the world, this year’s report shows a slight increase in world-wide economic freedom.

Bitcoin and “hard forks”? . . . We know something about bitcoin, but what’s a hard fork? Zach Weismueller of ReasonTV discusses this latest challenge to crypto-currency with Wences Casares, founder of the bitcoin wallet Xapo.

What’s a College Athlete Worth?  (7:00) . . . For football and basketball, over $300,000 a year, says Professor Ellen Staurowsky of Drexel University. A LOT more than the NCAA wants to admit.


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