Beer, Guns, & Flip-Flops: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Craft Beer Comeback (3:20) . . . But don’t call it a revolution. With 2800 craft breweries in operation today, we’re not even close to where we were 140 years ago, but we’re getting there.

Great Guns! . . . Andrew Syrios peels back the cover on U.S. military spending. Warning! Objectionable (highly objectionable) content!

Flip-Flop Diplomats (9:00) . . . Meet two Army Rangers turned entrepreneurs who think they’ve found a better way of securing peace: economics.

I Didn’t Do It! . . . John Stossel explores what is becoming more and more our cultural identity: victimhood.

Mises as Genius . . . A short essay on the life and genius of Ludwig von Mises by his personal assistant and now resident scholar at the Mises Institute. The next-to-last paragraph alone is worth the price of admission.

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