What Happened in Q3?

So what happened in the 3rd quarter of 2015?

Since you received your June 30th statement, stock prices in many sectors have fallen again.

Let’s quantify things….

~ During the 3rd quarter large US companies as tracked by the S&P 500 moved from a high of over 2125 to around 1870 at the low – a move of roughly 12% to the negative.

~ The 3rd quarter took large international companies in the EAFE index (Europe, Austral-Asia and Far East) down over 13%.

~ In this same three-month period small US companies as tracked by the Russell 2000 fell to as low as 1085 from a quarter high of over 1270 representing nearly a 15% decline over a less than two-month period.

~ But Emerging Markets Value companies win the race down with a drop of just over 20% in a 45-day period.

Happy investing, clients!

There is opportunity out there for great gains.  I’m expecting that at least a small part of you is a little bit excited about the above news.

Think about it. And come back on Friday.




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