Trump, the Pope, and more Beer: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Frontier of Decentralization . . . As the cost of managing centralized information goes higher, and the volume of collected data grows greater, the future is peer-to-peer, not top-down central planning. And from a free-market standpoint, that’s really good news.

Craft Beer Comeback, pt2 (3:00) . . . It’s a slow process, this comeback, partly due to the old 3-tier system and an economic phenomena called Transitional Gains Trap. Professor Jaworski finds out why.

Brazil’s Woes . . . With their debt in junk status, Brazil is putting its hope for the future in a young population turning in droves to libertarian ideals.

The Pontiff’s Problem with Profits . . . is not a biblical one, says entrepreneur, blogger, and philosopher-capitalist Rod Martin. In fact, the Bible, says Martin, precludes every other economic system.

Why Trump Will Win (8:00) . . . Not a Trump supporter himself (neither am I), Dilbert creator, Scott Adams discusses Donald as a Master Wizard with a killer set of skills.


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