Fallacies, the Fed, and Free Speech: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Fallacies of the Fed (5:00) . . . Interest rates, money supply, the market,

The Car Congestion Capital . . . wants to make things better. That is, the L.A. central planners want to make things better, which of course will make things worse.

Now for the GOP Cocktails (1:30) . . . We did this two weeks ago for the Dems. Let’s keep the fun bi-partisan, shall we?

Remy does Trump (1:20) . . . Actually it’s Remy imitating Drake parodying Trump. It has actual clips of Trump talking, so yeah, it’s hilarious..

Free Speech in the Classroom? (7:00) . . . Students in a California high school fight their own administration for freedom of the press.

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