So where are we at with ZIRP? . . . Some Fed watchers paid $250k per plate to hear Ben Bernanke’s take on interest rates. Here’s what the Mises Institute has to say. For free.

The Spider in the Urinal (2:30) . . . A provocative thought experiment about a spider in a urinal. And a solid free-market application, of course.

Embrace the Uber, NYC . . . You’ll be better for it. The taxi cartel wants to keep Uber and other ride-share apps out of the Big Apple, but that’s just big cronyism. The numbers say it will be a net gain for New Yorkers.

SCOTUS Watch (3:00) . . . Damon Root of Reason briefs us on soon-to-be-heard Supreme Court cases involving affirmative action, unions, and civil forfeiture.

Here’s to the Ho-hum and the Hum-drum . . . Kevin DeYoung reminds us that a wonderfully boring life is a gift from God.

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