In a libertarian galaxy far far away: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Revan Paul, Jedi Master (3:00) . . . A just-in-time libertarian Star Wars parody.

Buy oil? Are you kidding? (1:00) . . . Mark Matson’s not kidding. Buy equities (even oil and gas equities) now while they’re at a premium and hold for the long term.

Sweet-Tooth Taxes . . . Gary Galles of The Mises Institute uncovers the mutual benefits in the sugar/corn-syrup marriage: high profits for both industries, high prices for you and me.

Let Principles Trump Just Doing Something (2:00) . . . Frederich Hayek said that (sort of), but it looks like Paris will not soon be taking Hayek’s advice.

“God Bless You” is hate speech? (7:00) . . . Of course not. That would be ridiculous. It’s called a micro-aggression.


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