Star Wars and Statist Slush: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Political Correctness . . . It’s not correct, but it’s definitely political. In fact, Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute goes even further, saying that PC is propaganda, a tool for controlling thought, and that we should be fighting it that way.

The Star Wars / Nazi Connection (3:30) . . . Fear, says Remy, (and Hitler and Darth Sidious) is the straightest path from democracy to dictatorship.

Statism . . . When you say it like that it sounds like a religion, and maybe that would explain its continued appeal despite the evidence that market-friendly economies are the only ones working today.

Pentagon Slush (10:00) . . . On top of their regular budget, the US military enjoys a slush fund that exceeds the actual budget of the entire US State Department. Now that’s some good slush. Thanks, Dubya.

2016, the Year of Bitcoin? . . . Sure. Why not. Like anything speculative, bitcoin is fun to…well…speculate about. And there are some smart people who think it could reach record price levels in the next twelve months. Let’s watch and see.

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