A Star Wars Conspiracy, and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Next Bubble? . . . You might be driving it. Literally. Seventeen million cars were sold in the US last year, the most ever, and it’s not the booming economy that made it happen: it’s artificially low interest rates and easy financing terms. Sound familiar?

Star Wars Conspiracy II (3:00) . . . Trading freedom for security did not just happen in a galaxy far, far away. Humans have been doing it on a regular basis for thousands of years.

SCOTUS and Teachers Unions . . . This Monday the Supreme Court heard arguments in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association. At issue is the union’s ability to force non-members to pay dues, or “agency” fees. It’s too close a race to call, but we should see how it ends by mid summer.

Kicked to the Street . . . While on-demand food services like UberEATS are still a step ahead of regulators, street vendors are increasingly at their mercy.

Koko have message (00:36) . . . for Facebook friends.


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