The Free Market Can’t Solve Your Problems, and other GEMS

No Faith in the Free Market . . . It’s not the market itself that has virtue, but the participants in it. This is not just semantics – it’s an important distinction when going head to head with big government bias. Louis Rouanet of Mises explains.

Iowa Speaks (2:15) . . . Here are 3 takeaways from the Iowa Caucuses by the folks at

Frederick Douglass . . . Monday’s Google doodle was on former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Modern liberals would love to claim him. Sorry, liberals. He fits nowhere better than squarely in the Libertarian camp.

Left or Right, It’s Tyranny in Both Ditches . . . Jeffrey Tucker of FEE points out that Sanders and Trump are just two sides of a very BIG government-issued coin (too many metaphors?).

Prayer and Politics . . . Kevin DeYoung reminds us that the president we vote for should match the prayers we pray.

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