Trump and Bernie’s Gift to Us All: and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Ron Paul’s Great Hope . . . the failure of current economic policies. And when it inevitably happens, the message of liberty will be even louder.

What Rand Brought to the Race . . . Like his father before him, Rand Paul’s influence on the presidential race has been not as a winner but as a debate-steering agitator.

Cam Loses Again . . . Thanks to California’s “suicidal fiscal policy” Cam Newton will be taxed $101,000 on $51,000 in Super Bowl earnings. And he’s not even from California.

Thank You, Trump and Bernie (1:35) . . . Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re giving the two-party system a good scare, and independents of all stripes hope.

The “S” Question . . . B.K. Marcus of FEE debunks public-school advocates’ concern that home-school students won’t be adequately “socialized.” OK, he goes a bit beyond debunking.

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