Saying NO to the Lame Duck and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Negative Interest Rates – Is that a thing? . . . Radical monetary policy is going to get even weirder if the US central bank follows those of Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the EU. But it won’t work because the assumptions behind the theory don’t work.

Say NO to the Lame Duck . . . says Roger Pilon, VP of Legal Affairs at CATO. Appointing a SC justice is too important to leave to someone already eyeing the door.

Scalia Dissents . . . In PGA Tour vs. Martin, the Supreme Court told the golfing world that No, walking between holes was not a part of the game of golf. Justice Scalia dissented – strongly, comically, sarcastically.

IOUs and the US (2:00) . . . Prof. Antony Davies of Duquesne U. puts our national debt in perspective. Those with weak stomachs or heart conditions might want to skip it.

First President, First Entrepreneur (10:00) . . . Author Edward Lengel talks with ReasonTV about our first president’s nation-shaping contributions in business and economics.

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