Those Weird Home-Schoolers and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Free Stuff! . . . Jonathan Newman of Mises takes us through the economics of the free lunch. And surprise! It’s the unhindered free market that does the best job of matching up abundance with those who need it, and that’s the only free-stuff arrangement that benefits everyone.

The Importance of Owning Stuff (56:00) . . . Timothy and Christina Sandefur, co-authors of Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America, join Trevor Burrus and Aaron Powell of Cato and for a fascinating discussion on property rights.

The D.C. Streetcar (7:00) . . . A bad idea 150 years ago, and in a few weeks (unless it gets postponed again, as it has continually for the last 3 years) the city plans on repeating its own dismal history.

Home Schoolers are Weird . . . And it’s a beautiful thing. B.K. Marcus of FEE explores the diverse, fascinating, and emotionally safe world of the un-indoctrinated and “poorly” socialized home school kid.

Getting Railroaded (7:00) . . . Tax payers, property owners, and all of Los Angeles are in line for getting slammed by Governor Brown’s out-of-control, out-of-money pet project (Brown’s “I’d prefer not to spend money…but I like trains” line would seem to qualify it as a pet project.)

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