Flint’s H2O and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Flint’s H2O . . . Did libertarian-leaning, free-market policy cause this latest public safety debacle? Yes, if you listen to progressive David Brodwin of U.S. News and World Report, and if you don’t require that evidence back assertions, and if you are ok with internal contradiction.

L.A.’s Homeless . . . will remain that way if it’s up to L.A. Officials of the City of Angels are stealing tiny houses from otherwise homeless people. It seems you need a permit to no longer be homeless, or something.

Goodbye 100-Spot? . . . D.C. busy-bodies are throwing around the idea of halting the printing of $100 bills despite the fact that is has less buying power today than $20 had in 1969. Why get rid of it? Because crime, they say. Because they don’t like anonymity we say.

Free Speech Endangered (4:00) . . . Actually free speech is alive and well on college campuses like the U. of S.C. where you have a designated free speech zone that you can utilize once you’ve completed an application and as long as your proposed free speech doesn’t really offend anyone.

Pushing Back in D.C. (7:33) . . . Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV talks with MI Rep. Justin Amash about Drumpf, Cruz, Apple, and civil liberties. We need more guys like Justin in DC.

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