Bernie Sanders and other pirates: FREE-MARKET GEMS

You, Sir, are no Ron Paul . . . Comparisons of Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul begin with their both running counter-establishment, insurgent campaigns. They end there too.

Debate at the U (7:00) . . . UCLA Law professor and blogger at The Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volohk breaks down the common-sense requirements for healthy and effective debate on campus.

Trump’s Fears v. Facts¬†(9:00) . . . ReasonTV’s Zach Weismueller sits down with Pepperdine prof Joel Fetzer for a thorough debunking of the immigration myths that Trump has spun into political gold.

Bernie’s Revolution . . . is exactly the kind we don’t want. Yes, the $15+ trillion in tax hikes will soak the wealthy, but they’ll also reach into the middle-class pockets to the tune of $4700 per year per middle-quintile earner.

Arrrgh, Matey! . . . This account of William Snelgrave, taken by pirates but spared of his life (just barely), is a fascinating look into the politics of terror (circa 1734 and pantaloons of course).

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