Housecalls, SCOTUS, and Loving Kids: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Praise for Savers . . . The so-called “glut of savings” is not a bar to financial stability, says C. Jay Engel of Mises, it’s the means.

Uber Medicine? (2:00) . . . Thanks to the sharing economy’s latest innovation, the house-call may be making a comeback.

George Will on Trump (37:00) . . . and a lot of other witty observations from the libertarian-leaning D.C. iconoclast.

Obama’s SCOTUS pick . . . Merrick Garland may be just moderate enough that Republicans will grudgingly pass him along rather than be seen as obstructionists in an election year. Smart pick, Mr. President.

A Hopeful Long View . . . Blogger and mom of seven, Danielle Spencer lays out the merits of thinking generationally.


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