A New Internet, the Homeschool Nuisance: FREE-MARKET GEMS

A New Kind of Country (8:00) . . . Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV talks with the crown prince of Liechtenstein, a country that is affluent, low-tax, free-trade, and immigrant friendly. It’s also tiny, and that may be a key for future libertarian-leaning states.

Civility and Markets . . . Andrew Syrios of Mises posits that free and voluntary exchange between disparate groups has done more for promoting peace and prosperity than any government program or social experiment.

A New Kind of Internet? (8:10) . . . Joseph Lubin, founder of software production studio Consensys, believes that a new system called Ethereum can restore on-line freedom and transform the internet. That’s a tall order. And whether it will work or not, the idea is fascinating.

Mises Week in Review . . . Are negative interest rates Yellin’s next desperate bid? A Brazil sighting of Austrian economics at the street level. And a couple dozen meaty articles from the Mises stable of writers.

Is Your Kid an Invasive Species? . . . Mine is. Homeschoolers are like weeds to the State, and they’re wreaking havoc on its credibility.

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