War w/China, Obamacare Progress Report, et al: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Economics is Simple . . . David Gordon of Mises reviews John Tamny’s new book Popular Economics. Its thesis is simple: that maximizing productivity comes one way — entrepreneurs willing to take great risks for the chance at great profits.

Obamacare Progress Report (3:00) . . . Prof. Antony Davies of Duquesne University reviews the promises and the realities of the Affordable Care Act. No surprise: they don’t match up.

Merrick Garland . . . Is he really a moderate? That depends on how you define the term. If by “moderate” you mean government-fawning yes man, then he’s extremely moderate.

War with China . . . Barry Brownstein of FEE explores the consequences of the tariff frenzy that our presidential contenders seem to be in. And he reminds his readers that trade wars often lead to real ones.

So what is Ethereum? (10:00) . . . Apparently it’s everything. What Bitcoin did for currency, Ethereum (so the pundits say) will do for every other centralized thing.

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