Beef, Baseball, & Superhero Limbs: FREE-MARKET GEMS

What is Competition? (5:00) . . . Peter Klein of Mises reminds us that what the government terms competition is something alien to those who actually compete.

3D-Printed Limbs (10:00) . . . Free, open-sourced design is making prosthetic limbs available to anyone with a 3D printer. Kids dig the super-hero models, especially Spider Man.

Take Me Out to the [publicly subsidized] Ball Game (9:00) . . . Hartford, Connecticut, joins a growing list of struggling cities putting their hope in tax-payer-funded stadiums, despite the poor track record of the strategy.

Where’s the Beef? (9:00) . . . It’s in the largest natural wildlife reserve in the continental US, if things go as planned. It’s privately funded of course.

Potter Policy . . . J.K. Rowling’s fictional vision of metal-based money exchange and 100% reserve banking make it a very old-fashioned, but very stable, economic world of wizards.


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