Chuck Norris vs. Communism…and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Chuck Norris Whipped Communism . . . Ok, not exactly, but films like his and those of Jean Claude Van Damme sure helped. Chuck Norris vs. Communism, a recent documentary available now on Netflix, shows us one more example of how black-market entrepreneurship whipped the bad guys.

A Good Offense (3:30) . . . CNBC pits a socialist against a capitalist, and Mark Matson (can you guess which one he is?) gives a knock-out defense of the free-market.

Net Neutrality (2:45) . . . The FCC’s version of fairness will achieve equality. Think breadlines where everyone waits an equally long time to pay an equally high price for an equally bad loaf of bread.

3D-Printed Limbs II (5:00) . . . A world-wide network of private digital printers and privately funded designers and programmers may be the tip of a decentralized iceberg. The prosthetic hands are pretty cool too.

Don’t be Awful . . . Jason Kuznicki of says this is the message of private property ownership. It doesn’t turn anyone into saints, but it does encourage us to not be bad in a lot of the usual human ways.


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