One for the Little Guy, and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Trump – No one saw it coming (8:00) . . . Actually, this guy did: Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We ran this piece last fall, when Donald was still a long shot. It speaks even louder now.

One for the Little Guy (6:00) . . . A courtroom victory against the FDA makes life a little easier for medical device start-ups.

Service with a Smirk . . . TSA wait-times continue to climb, but don’t look for anything like a fix. You can’t put a price on safety, after all.

Yes, Sweatshops are Evil (2:30) . . . But for the children who work in them, the alternatives are usually worse. Boycotting products made from child labor is not the solution to ending the problem. Economic development is.

Changing the Program . . . FEE contributors Isaac Morehouse and Dan Sanchez propose 7 ways that school has warped our minds, and some hope on how we can straighten them out.

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