Ron & Rand still at it: FREE-MARKET GEMS

He told us so . . . Ron Paul wrote this article in 2001. He was spot-on right back then. He seems downright prophetic today.

Out of the way, NASA (2:40) . . . ¬†Your visionary days ended the moment Neil Armstrong took that famous step. It’s the entrepreneurs’ turn now.

A true bi-partisan . . . Rand Paul is at it again, joining forces with Democrat Ron Wyden to stop yet another expansion of Federal power into our privacy. Computer privacy this time.

California dreamin’ (6:00) . . . The golden state’s water solution is obvious, says policy expert Reed Watson: let the free-market determine prices and then compete for it. The odds of them actually doing it? In your dreams.

Give us a break! . . . This letter from an entrepreneur to the heads of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship paints a dire picture of one start-up business strangled by red tape. Obama’s overtime rules just pulled the knot tighter.





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