College? Immigration myths? NASA?…FREE-MARKET GEMS

Capitalism is the true liberalism . . . because it promotes the welfare of everyone. The term capitalism has taken a hit with millennials, but maybe that’s because the word has been warped out of its original definition. Mises himself sets us straight on that.

Immigration myth buster (2:20) . . . Do immigrants steal our jobs? No, says Professor Ben Powell of Suffolk University. In fact, economists who study immigration universally support the conclusion that immigration is a net positive on the economy.

Is college for you? . . . It depends on what you’re after, but if an education for the sake of self improvement is your motive, then no; there are other ways, astronomically cheaper ways, to improve your mind.

But what about NASA? . . . Surely government can do space exploration better than the private sector. We put a man on the moon, after all. But John Stossel points out that today companies like SpaceX are already running circles around NASA and doing it cheaper. Why? Because they have to. They can’t tax us to survive.

Why you should not NOT vote . . . Jim Harper of FEE reminds us, in case we’re tempted to “not go through with the charade of voting,” that the two front runners are really, really unpopular, and our little votes may be weightier than ever.

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