Quixote, Jerks, & Title IX: FREE-MARKET GEMS

“Meternity” Leave? . . . A childless woman demands maternity leave as a means of equality. Ryan McMaken of Mises breaks her argument down. Spoiler alert – there’s not much there.

Libertarian Lit (3:00) . . . Published more than 400 years ago, the novel Don Quixote is, according to professor of literature Eric Graf,  the adventures of a wild-eyed, freedom-loving libertarian.

The Muhammad Ali Voluntary Service Act . . . Rand Paul wants a TKO of Selective Service (as well as our use of military force without congressional vote), and he’s got the icon’s memory in his corner.

Losing Our Minds (27:00) . . . Matt Welch of Reason talks with journalist Robby Soave about the American college campus and its ever-deepening trip down the rabbit hole.

A win for the jerks. . . The National Labor Relations Board seems to have added Jerks to their list of the protected classes. Turns out, that surly, bad attitude you carry in every day is a human right.

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