China, Charity, & Cervantes: FREE-MARKET GEMS

An Open Letter . . . to the militant branch of the easily offended.

Charity Needs Markets Too . . . It takes two to make a charitable gift exchange: a giver and a receiver. And both must agree to the transaction. Sounds a lot like an economic exchange, doesn’t it? That’s what Jorg Guido Hulsmann of Mises thought too. He goes on to show how free-market thinking can optimize gift giving.

The First Anti-slavery Novel? (3:20) . . . It’s not Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Huck Finn. You’d have to go back another 300 years to Don Quixote. (Actually it’s the 2nd anti-slavery novel, but the first about race-based slavery; more on that if you watch the video.)

Fixing the Gun Problem . . . In the wake of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings, some have called for more. More prevention. More surveillance. More gun restrictions. But as Brian Doherty of Reason shows, more of these things – even a LOT more – would still not have stopped this particular shooter.

China’s Keynesian Fantasy . . . is running amok. It seems that China’s central planners still just don’t get the whole capitalism thing, and they’re learning the hard way that, as Sandy Ikeda of FEE writes, “if you build it, they may not come.”


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