Public Enemy #1 for the investor? (3:40) . . . Your own behavior. Investor coach Paul Winkler reminds us how to combat fear in order to stay the course.

UK vs. the EU . . . Despite warnings by naysayers (as in the hugely EU-vested IMF), Brexit would help the United Kingdom to thrive and to seek its own best interests in trade.

Brexit may be a referendum on regulation . . . but according to Richard Williams of Reason, Britain’s own regulatory backlog is nearly as problematic as the EU’s. Leave or stay, bureaucracy and over-regulation will continue to hold down economic growth in the UK.

It’s a Religious Freedoms Novel too (3:00) . . . In Don Quixote, Cervantes takes issue with the Spanish Inquisition when it was really dangerous to question the Spanish Inquisition. He gets away with it, and literature prof Eric Graf explains how.

NIMBYs and YIMBYs (8:00) . . . In San Fran, libertarians and progressives (and even Jerry Brown) have found reason to join forces to reform housing policy. They can all see that what’s need in the city by the bay is a free-market solution.



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