License-free Hair Braiding and Cake: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Free-trade is a piece of cake . . . Since voting to leave the EU, Britain’s calls for free-trade with Europe have been received as “cherry picking,” of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. Sascha Klocke of Mises reminds us that that’s exactly what free-trade is. It’s cake, and there’s plenty to go around.

Locked Up (3:00). . . Learn Liberty considers the issue of criminal justice reform in light of this year’s presidential race.

And the Oval Office goes to...(3:00) . . . Here’s a look at five different prediction models for who will win the White House this November.

Good News / Bad News . . . Kentucky’s de-regulation of licensing requirements for hair-braiders is great news for hair-braiders, many of whom are poor, recent immigrants from Africa. The bad news? That there was ever a licensing requirement for braiding hair.

The Free-trade Remnant . . . Like homeschooling and the sharing economy, there are very cool things happening in the freedom-loving world. You just have to have the eyes and ears for it.



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