100% Stock Jump, Hillary, & Bitcoin: FREE-MARKET GEMS


The next 100% (3:00) . . . No one knows what the next 20% stock market movement will be, but the next 100%, history tells us, will be up. So invest for the long-term! says Mark Matson (he’ll also explains why he went bargain shopping in the UK after Brexit).

Why Independence? (1:57) . . . Rochester Institute of Technology professor Sarah Burns introduces the big ideas behind our big 1776 push for liberty.

Why Independence? II (3:54) . . . Colonists vs. British soldiers

Bitcoin to the rescue . . . To avoid law-enforcement crackdown efforts on their Argentinian operations, Uber has partnered with Xapo, a bitcoin wallet and debit card provider, to protect transactions between riders and drivers. Who needs banks and cabs anyway? They’re just so 20th century.

Hillary’s Coattails . . . With the federal code describing over 30,000 regulatory violations that can be treated as crimes, it’s clear to both sides of the aisle that criminal justice reform is needed. Hillary’s defense (a mens rea strategy that seems to have worked) might come in handy for getting us there.




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