Obamacare double-down and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Why Independence? III (3:54) . . . Professor Sarah Burns moves on to the biggie – TAXES!

Over-Policed . . . Yes, police are being asked to do too much. That we can all agree on. But we also have a LOT of things that need policing. Ryan McMaken of Mises offers one reason as to why we have so much of it: because it’s “free.”

So you want socialism? . . . In Venezuela, hyper-inflation has made it impossible to start a business, and a decree from their socialist leader has made it completely illegal to stop running one. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the Venezuelan disaster.

As long my foot’s in the door . . . Obama proposes fixing the problems with Obamacare by adding more Obamacare.

25 years after the wall falls . . . According to one study, at least, the verdict is in: between those who advocated for a quick shift from socialism to free-market capitalism and those who preferred a gradual approach, the quick-fixers win hands down.


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