The Housing Market . . . Like any market subject to supply and demand forces, this one works best (i.e. keeps prices lowest) when government stays the heck out of it.

The Free State Project (7:00) . . . Nick Gillespie of Reason gets an optimistic progress report from FSP president Matt Philips.

Subsidizing the Competition . . . Massachusetts will soon charge Uber and Lyft riders a fee, which will be handed over to their competitors, the taxi industry. Yes, you heard that right. Maybe they should move to NH (read the article above).

What is the Military-Industrial Complex? (4:00) . . . Among other things, as professor Chris Coyne explains, it’s the primary determiner of US foreign policy.

The Economy (4:00) . . . Economists Antony and Erika Davies give us a thumbnail sketch of economics through the lens of human behavior.


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