The Debate in 3 min . . . The good, the bad, and the ugly. And then more bad and ugly. There wasn’t a lot of good.

Hating on the TPP? . . . “Don’t” says Daniel Ikenson of Cato. It’s not a perfect trade deal, but it’s much better than no trade at all. (10:00)

IT’S ARMAGEDDON! . . . Should we bail out of the market? The long-term investors sees lots of Armageddons, says Zach Shepherd of Matson Money. Don’t bail. Stay calm, and re-balance. (55:00)

Feds ban a tea leaf . . . Kratom, a tree that’s been used for a thousand years in herbal teas has now joined the ranks of marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and other schedule 1 substances. Don’t worry, though. It’s for our safety. Kratom is reported to have all the intoxicating effects of a cup of coffee.

With friends like that . . . who needs discrimination? Jeffrey Tucker takes on Hillary and her would-be “help” for the disabled. The Americans with Disabilities Act, he explains, has already marginalized and barred from employment more in the disabled community than it’s helped. No one needs friends like that.



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