I’m stunned at the narrative that comes out in the mainstream press sometimes. We’ll be talking about Brexit at this next event. And don’t let that name get by you without thinking about it.

So who came up with Brexit?

A quick search brings up a guy named Kevin Spinks of who says…

“The first use of the word “Brexit” is thought to be by The British Resistance, a nationalist organization, in June 2012. However, it is possible that the term was “invented” simultaneously by a number of writers because “Grexit” had been in use since February 2012.

An alternative “Brixit” was briefly in use in June 2012 but this fell to the wayside as “Brexit” became the accepted term.”

Interesting. Even more interesting is how quickly the media jumped on board with their headlines.

Here are a few from CNN Money:

“Brexit Turmoil Deepens, DOW down nearly 900 points in two days.” ~ June 26

“Brexit Crash Wiped out a record $3 Trillion. Now What?” ~ June 27

“Is the Brexit Market panic already over?  Nope!” ~ June 30

If it bleeds it leads! And that’s just CNN!

Now, if the media was this calm, cool, and collected at the news that Great Britain would free itself from European collectivism, what might our talking heads say on the morning of November 9 when we wake up with a new President (Hillary or Donald – pick your own version of scary)?

Don’t worry, I will not spend one moment on October 19 speculating about who will win or lose in November. That’s anyone’s guess right now (link to nate silver at . To the contrary, I’m going to use this time to prepare you for either result.

What I’m far more certain of is what the media will be doing between now and November 8th and how this will wear on us. On election night, you will be faced with the reality of one of these two introductions:

President Hillary Clinton!

President Donald Trump!

Be ready in advance and make sure that your personal investment strategy is ready for whatever comes.

See you there.



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