Soured on democracy . . . When the world’s elites can’t have it their own way with democracy, they’re fine having it without.

Bard of the open road . . . Nick Gillespie and Brian Doherty of Reason discuss the music and life of Bob Dylan, this year’s recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature. (40:00 mp3)

Individual rights, then gov’t . . . in that order. Professor Randy Barnett sums up the original purpose of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. (1:30)

A passport-free world? . . . Less than a century ago, freedom of movement was a normal human condition. FEE contributor Speranta Dumitru looks at what it would take to get us back there again.

Give your kid a knife . . . And a real chemistry set! says Karen DeCoster. Our kids need risk more than bubble wrap.


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