A magic pill in the White house . . . Don’t count on it. The right person (your right person) in the White House still won’t fix Washington D.C.’s problems. Mises himself had much to say on this point.

The right of anonymity? . . . Our founding fathers did some of their best (and most treasonous) work under pen names, proving that anonymity was essential in our original fight for independence. (3:20)

More “help” from the feds . . . This time our keepers will be helping all salaried employees making less than $47,476 by forcing them to track their hours. No more handshake arrangements with employers. Handshakes…how old fashioned.

Liberating the music . . . A thousand years ago, music was handed out to the masses through the invention of notes and staffs. Jeffrey Tucker of FEE tells the story.

A page turner . . . for conservative fiction readers. Nick Gillespie sits down with Brad Thor, author of the Scot Harvath series. Their discussion (and Thor’s fiction) comes right out of today’s headlines. (54:00)



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