Trump’s Triumph . . . An upset, yes. A mandate for making America great again? Not exactly, says Gary Galles, of the Mises Institute. And even if it were, no government could make any country great.

Strangers at the door . . . In this Hillsdale College Imprimis lecture, Edward J. Erler, Professor Emeritus at Cal State, discusses nationhood in light of the Syrian refugee problem.

What happens now? . . . Trump may have been vague or hyperbolic about many of his proposed policies, but his immigration plan is specific, ambitious, and VERY expensive.

The minimum wage hoax . . . The folks at Learn Liberty discuss the cruelty that minimum wage law commits against the poor. (3:00)

Not so revolutionary . . . Richard M. Ebeling of FEE recounts how the French revolutionaries’ attempts at economic reform made Louis XVI’s finances look like a bake sale run by old Dutch women.





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