Regulating Piano Teachers . . . Finally! It’s about time the Feds put a stop to the laissez-faire madness that is private piano lessons. Yay, Bureaucracy!

Old School Banking . . . is the new school banking. Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna of Mises looks at the rugged tenacity of the Swiss Private Banker, a throw-back model of wealth management that just might be the only model that survives today’s regulatory climate.

The Broken Window Parable . . . Dan Russell of LearnLiberty takes a new look at this old fallacy. It turns out the wisdom of it is applicable to a lot more than just windows.[4:00]

The American Dream . . . Though he agrees it’s under attack, Mark Matson says it’s also alive and well if you have the right mindset for going after it. [6:00]

Free Trade as an Ethic . . . It is the most effective means of alleviating poverty, ensuring peace, and promoting social justice. So says Daniel Hannon, a key instigator of Brexit. [20:00]

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