Grinch alert! . . . Leave it to the economists to take the fun out of Christmas. So is gift giving really just a waste of resources and a drag on the economy as many “experts” claim? Don’t put away that wrapping paper just yet, say the folks at Mises.

Quell our fears? . . . Mark Matson – wisely – says he can’t do that, but as far as investing goes, he can sure help us make the most of what we can control. [4:30]

Like everything in Texas . . . Free trade is big too. Since NAFTA was passed in 1993, regional trade in Texas has increased almost four fold. Will Trump’s wall put a stop to this too? [5:00]

Unstoppable innovation . . . Like the textile workers who lost their livelihoods to the power loom, today’s taxi drivers (and anyone else facing obsolescence) are taking up their fight against the Ubers of the world. But there’s just no stopping progress, says Prof. Michael Munger of Learn Liberty, not when it benefits so many of us.

Trump vs. Reagan . . . David Henderson of FEE pits these two larger-than-life icons against each other by way of cabinet picks. And so far, he’s got Trump coming out on top.



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