The War on Drugs . . . has been lost, says Steve Davies of Learn Liberty, lost on every possible front. [2:30]

The future of civil forfeiture . . . And if you don’t know what civil forfeiture is, that’s the whole of point of this article: to inform the public that it happens. Once you know it happens, you’ll want it to stop.

Economics primer . . . The Mises Institute lays out ten fundamentals of economics. You can’t condense Austrian school basics any more than this. Even if you’re familiar with these ideas, they’re worth another look.

Abolish the EPA? . . . Kent Lalley of FEE says “Absolutely!” ┬áProperty rights and the free market – if they’re allowed to operate freely – will take better care of the environment than any far-removed bureaucracy.

Great Gift Ideas . . . for that hard-to-buy-for libertarian on your list. Be ready with the pause button, and be ready to laugh. [3:00]

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