The Italian way . . . On the brink of economic ruin, Italy would be wise to look to the Bugatti, Ferrari, and Lamborghini models. (The visionary entrepreneurs who started the companies, not the cars themselves. They’re really expensive.)

Pro business . . . Most politicians say they are, but what do they really mean? Matthew Mitchell of Learn Liberty explains that unless they’re getting out of the way of business, politicians are anything but pro.

The third-party dilemma . . . The “Ranked Choice” voting option gets a boost in popularity after the fun of November 2016.

Where do Americans escape to? . . . According to Michael Barone of FEE, to states with right-to-work laws and no income tax. We’re not stupid.

1000 hours . . . That’s the training the state of Missouri will require for anyone wishing to practice (with a license) the profession of hair braiding. Not hair transplant surgery – hair braiding. The black market just keeps getting bigger.

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