Money for nothin’ . . . Finland floats universal basic income as an alternative to traditional welfare. Hopes are high across the Finnish political spectrum. But hope, says Nathan Keeble of Mises, is not economic reality.

Rising Health insurance premiums . . . That they’re on the rise is obvious (a quantum-leap style rise as we head into 2017), but why? Dr. Brian Blase explains for Learn Liberty. [2:00]

Free market or free trade? . . . Are they different? Republicans seem to want to believe they are. ReasonTV talks “free” to some Trump voters on the ground to get their thoughts. [6:00]

Moocher states . . . You might guess the biggest recipient’s of federal dollars would be one of the big blues: California or New York, maybe. You’d be wrong. They’re entirely red.

The Peltzman effect . . . Could safety features themselves increase the risks of injury? This may be one of the more fascinating unintended consequences.

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