Crisis creation . . . It’s a favorite maneuver of those in power. Trump gave it a go this week stating that murder was at a 47-year high when it’s actually at a 51-year low. He was close. If getting it almost exactly, oppositely wrong is a kind of close.

Marxism in 2:39 . . . Dierdre McCloskey of Learn Liberty explains.

Quid pro quo . . . So why do we have a Department of Education? It was a campaign promise by Jimmy Carter – not to the people of America but to the NEA for their endorsement of his 1976 campaign. It was a gift to the NEA, that’s why.

Sorry, NEA . . . With Betsy Devos’ senate confirmation as DOE Secretary, you must feel like you’re┬áreliving your November nightmares.

Stay calm and bitcoin . . . Bitcoin is gaining in stability, even surpassing the Euro. Justin Connell of FEE discusses it in some depth (much high-tech jargon if you’re into that sort of thing).


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