Strange bedfellows . . . The New Left and Libertarians have found agreement here: “that compulsory school attendance laws be abolished.” ~ Ralph Raico. ┬áThis speech was given in 1974, but its observations are coming full circle today.

The consumer is captain . . . Mises laid it out (he was not the first, but he was the most compelling), and now Uber is demonstrating it.

Commerce, our protector . . . How a restaurant’s (or any company with regular customers) reputation is MUCH more effective in keeping the consumer safe than government inspectors.

Doubling down on bloat . . . Trump once described our military as bloated. Now he’s increasing its budget by $54B a year. What does this portend? Nothing good, says John Stossel.

The Hollywood Awards . . . You probably missed this star-studded gala. Don’t worry — they got the envelopes right.

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