Banks and Bitcoin . . . China appears to be embracing Bitcoin, but it’s all about control of the exchanges, not about a fondness for crypto-currency.

Don’t punch that Nazi . . . Danish journalist Fleming Rose argues that the same defense we might be tempted to use to silence voices like Richard Spencer’s can be turned on us.

Breaking the Libertarian clique . . . Nick Gillespie and Jeffrey Tucker talk about the movement, the dangers of huddling up, and getting the message out.

Head Start or handicap? . . . Two recent studies suggest that kids in Head Start or other pre-k programs don’t fair as well as though who stay home that extra year or two.

Star Wars and Middle Earth . . . Why do we love these stories so much? Because┬ámythos, says Stanton Skerjanic of FEE, and we can’t get enough of it.


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