What happens in Vegas . . . will soon be broadcast live on Sunday afternoons. This week the NFL granted Mark Davis permission to move his Raiders to Sin City. There are a lot of losers (taxpayers, hotel guests, Oakland), but the winners are the players who will move from 13% to 0% state income.

Self censorship . . . in the age of jihad. Journalist Flemming Rose, publisher of the infamous Mohammed cartoons of 2005, shares his rationale for that decision.

3 questions . . . for SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch that he’s not likely to get from the current Senate.

The great liberal flip-flop . . . How left-leaning college students are the ones calling for less free speech and more censorship. Author Jonathon Haidt discusses this reversal with Reason’s Nick Gillespie.

A gov’t hard fork . . . Jeffrey Tucker of FEE explains how an old idea (c.1776) might look for a new and digital age.


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