Who is the real Trump? . . . Is it the campaign Trump who praised Wikileaks or the rubber-stamp Trump who wants Julian Assange in prison? And does it even matter now?

The Commerce Clause . . . Prof. Brian Domitrovic of Learn Liberty explains why it came about in 1789 and how it’s been interpreted since.

Eminent Domain is coming to the big screen . . . The new film Little Pink House dramatizes the true story of Suzette Kelo, a retired nurse who was forced to give up her home to make way for a new Pfizer building. All for the public good, says SCOTUS.

Real tax reform . . . Trump’s proposed changes are a good start. Moving them from proposal to law will be the real challenge.

Fear the robots? . . . Never! says Donald Boudreaux of FEE. Robots may replace jobs, but they cannot replace human creativity, and it’s creativity that creates new jobs.

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