Our debt . . . household debt, that is, has just surpassed even levels during our run-up to 2008. That’s an all-time high, folks. Ryan McMaken of Mises breaks it down for us.

The Gilded Age . . . Brian Domitrovic looks back at our high-water mark for economic growth – the 1870s and 1880s. Despite the excess of the robber-barons, intense competition improved the lot of the working man quicker than any time, before or since.

The immigration debate . . . actually gets debated by some really smart people at Learn Liberty. It’s a longer commitment (1.5 hours), but just dropping in for a stretch is worth it.

Cyber security . . . Gov’t is the problem, not the solution, says Scott Shackford of Reason.

A state-level immigration policy? . . . Not exactly, but recent legislation pieces in the US Senate and House may be a step in the right direction.


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