Is it a luxury bubble? . . . or sustained long-term growth? Mark Thornton of Mises has an opinion (and some data to back it up).

US Econ History #6 . . . Brian Domitrovic explains the effects of heavy government intervention during the Progressive and New Deal eras. Interesting note: the 1920’s, the decade between these eras, was actually pretty good. [5:20]

Franchise regs will help no one . . . The National Labor Relations Board wants to re-write the rules on the franchisee / franchisor relationship. And in typical short-sighted government fashion, it will actually hurt both groups. [2:30]

A win for the little guy . . . and the mini drone. A federal court has struck down an FAA rule that would mandate the registration of small non-commercial drones. That’s good. What’s bad is that someone thought up the rule at all.

The weight loss plan that’s sweeping Venezuela . . . Brought to you by Remy. Try it today!

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